Time to Get Laid Again

Wed, 30 September 2009, 13:20 By: WeeGee Category: Fun, Life, Personale

Frank Zappa reminds me that tomorrow is the 1st of October again…

Frank Zappa

2 Comments to “Time to Get Laid Again”

  1. Tovarasu' Paul says:

    Frank Zappa also reminds :
    “Remember, information is not knowledge; knowledge is not wisdom; wisdom is not truth; truth is not beauty; beauty is not love; love is not music; music is the best.”

  2. Hehe… wise words there :P… si ca tot veni vorba de music is the best, iote aici o melodie belea din vremurile apuse, ca tot am redescoperit-o recent…

    Eu sunt ala din clip… smalltown boy, ridding the train home (for a million hours).