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Melodia saptamanii (59)

March 31, 2010 By: WeeGee Category: Melodia Saptamanii, Muzica

This week’s song is a superb one (as always :))… it’s a sad one… and it fits… Enjoy

Romania 2010

March 30, 2010 By: WeeGee Category: Life, Politica, Prostii, Religie

Ignoranta, intoleranta, ipocrita, manipulata, dezinformata, proasta… (fullscreen si click in dreapta pentru pagina urmatoare, sau alegeti scroll de jos).

Hamilton’s Incident

March 29, 2010 By: WeeGee Category: Life, Media, Prostii, Sport

“Marea smecherie” (de care ziceam si aici) pe care a facut-o Lewis Hamilton vineri seara a aparut si pe net (actually after it happened). Acum… eu inteleg ca intr-o democratie sanatoasa nimeni nu ar trebuie sa fie mai presus de lege (ceea ce s-a si intamplat in cazul de fata), but really now? Impounding a car (a C 63 AMG even) for burnouts? Aren’t there like… some other bigger crimes to solve or investigate? Aveam o parerea mai buna despre Australia si nu credeam ca si ei sunt/au devenit un stat politienesc


A Driver’s Best Friend

March 28, 2010 By: WeeGee Category: Cars, Ciudatenii, Fun

No animals were harmed in the making of this video. Not even cops. However…

Car bumper num num…

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OMG! It’s Her Mother!

March 28, 2010 By: WeeGee Category: Cats

The closest “thing” to my cat (looks a bit different now… dar mi-e lene sa fac poze) that I could find out there…

just like my cat

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Schumi’s Secret Tagebuch: Race 1

March 27, 2010 By: WeeGee Category: Cars, Fun, Media

Acest text este un pamflet si trebuie tratat cu rasete sau macar zambete… cred…

Greets and greetings – you know here I am being tempted to write “tifosis” having done so for an incredible number of years, but quite honestly and obviously this is not appropriate now.

So, we have had our first race for the Mercedes team and it is clear these young puppies mean business. People have asked me if I am disappointed after my first race back, as it were, in my saddle. No.

It was good news to hear in the week that one of my favourite race circuits, Monza will continue to present the Italian GP after Bernie put out some suggestions that it might go to Rome. When in Rome you are obliged to do as the Romans. So it would have been the tourist rip-off grand prix. They would also need to find a flat piece of road and I do not think there are any.


I am administering a tease to you on this subject of not talking about my first race. It was good to fight at the front. It was good to be 6th and not 7th or 8th, because I believe the top four teams should consistently dominate the first eight positions. I would like to have beaten my team-mate, but I am more relieved that we have a good positioning base to work from.

People have asked me if I like Nico Rosberg; what a question is that? He is like a young brother to me, like Ralf. But obviously better looking and more talented. And he doesn’t have a half-crazy wife also.

Talking about half-craziness, I am reading that Stefan GP are trying to buy USF1 so that they can use their GP entry and still start racing in 2010. Even though Jean has told them they are going to ask for new teams to apply all over again. They are beginning to become like the annoying kid that says to you: “can I have a go on your bike?” all the time and won’t go away.

When we were on the grid in Bahrain for the photo of the past champions he told me that they are about as welcome in F1 “as a wasp up my arse.” And that is not a fun or interesting prospect.

That reminds me. It is bad news this week that we have been asked to change the hole in our rear diffuser. Under regulations we are allowed to put a hole through it to allow a starter motor to start the engine – a very vital part of racing I think you will agree. The boffins had come up with a banana-shaped starter motor hole, which quite innocently gave us a tiny bit of aero advantage, not at all very much in the slightest, but now it has been banned.

Let’s hope the FIA don’t spot the data capture cameras positioned on the inside of my new helmet. After qualifying, when the cars are parked together in parc ferme, you may notice I am free to wander over to other machines and look inside. What nobody realises is that I am holding my helmet which has twin cameras relaying data back to the Mercedes telemetry unit. From the Bahrain GP I was able to look inside the McLaren cockpit and ascertain that Jenson had scribbled ‘Lewis sucks’ on the inside.

From the next race on, the FIA have persuaded all the FOTA teams to run the logo, ‘Make Roads Safe’. I can tell you the one way to help that campaign is by banning journalists from hiring cars. They are all terrible drivers. They even make Liebelings Pudgie Wudgie Donut face look a bit talented. One good way to make roads safe would be to remove Jeremy Clarkson from them. He has no idea. He told me in rehearsals for his programme, Top Cat, that he has to drive everywhere with a lookalike. If he is stopped by police – which is usual – they swap places and the lookalike gets the penalty points. So there you have it, on that bombshell…

Finally, to prove I am still enjoying myself back on the F1 grid here is my next joke for you to treasure:

What do you call a Mexican who has had his vehicle stolen?

To Australia!
Love and Kisses,
The Schum

via PlanetF1.

Racing in the Land Down Under

March 27, 2010 By: WeeGee Category: Cars, Media, Sport

Iata ca a venit timpul si pentru a doua cursa din 2010, Marele Premiu al Australiei (in caz ca nu stiti despre ce vorbesc aici, e vorba de Formula 1… d’oh!). Insa, inainte de calificarile de azi, mi-au atras atentia cateva lucruri conexe si/sau anexe, printre care:

– Virgin Racing a cerut (si primit) o… derogare de la FIA pentru a face modificari la masina/sasiu ca sa poata echipa monopostul cu un rezervor mai mare deoarece, se pare, nu e suficient de mare pentru ca masina sa termine cursele… :slap-my-forehead:. Eu stau si ma intreb… asa… daca baietii astia sunt in firea lor…? Cand au proiectat, testat, calculat, etc. masina, cum de le-a scapat acest “mic” detaliu? Au facut ce au facut si s-au… pe ei (se termina tot in “at”). Mai multe detalii aici si aici.

– In seara de dupa primele alergari libere (parca…), Lewis Hamilton a iesit la o plimbare pe strazile din Melbourne, altele decat cele inchise pentru cursa, si a facut cateva gogosi si/sau liniute cu un Mercedes. Probabil de plictiseala… Se zice ca, luat fiind la intrebari de politie dupa ce a fost oprit, Hamilton a marturisit “I hate this part right here…” si a intrebat “Why you wanna bust a brother?”, dar nu pot confirma prin linkuri sau “pe surse” aceste lucruri… Mai trist e faptul ca pilotii de F1 sunt implicati intr-o campanie de promovare a sigurantei circulatiei sau ceva de genul asta, lucru care nu da bine cu fapta sa. Si mai trist (parerea mea) e ca pilotii de F1 s-ar/s-au implica(t) in asemenea campanii, in timp ce ei gonesc cu 300 la ora, se dueleaza roata la roata si fac accidente la viteze de ti-ar scoate creierii din cap intr-o masina de serie/strada. Daaar… ei o fac doar pe circuit. Mai putin in unele cazuri, cum ar fi Montoya care a luat amenda pentru 200+ km/h in Franta. Sau Hamilton care a gonit similar “dans la pays over ze channel”, iar acum face fum prin Australia. Sau Schumacher care a luat un taxi, cu tot cu rolul de sofer si cu toata familia in el, si a fugit sa prinda un avion. Sau… well you get the idea. All of them being things of which I’m in favor, by the way :D. Despre patania lui Hamilton puteti citi aici si aici.

Apoi au urmat si calificarile, this very morning (here, in Iurup). Acelasi Hamilton a avut, se pare, ceva sechele de la evenimentul din ziua precedenta, si nu a reusit sa se califice in Q3, ramanand pe locul 11 pentru cursa de maine… sau cine stie ce alti factori au facut ca el sa scoata un timp slab in Q2… Dar sa incep cu inceputul. Se contureaza 4 echipe tari (Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren si Mercedes), vreo 3 medii (Williams si Renault, Force India, Torro Rosso si Sauber, cele doua din urma ceva mai modeste), iar restul, cele noi practic (Lotus, Virgin si HRT) se plimba si incearca sa culeaga firmituri (dar e f bine ca exista). Iar acest fapt a fost oarecum confirmat si in calificari. Astfel ,in afara de Hamilton, cele 4 echipe bune si-a disputat primele 7 locuri pe grila. Din pacate pentru mine (si pentru el), Schumi a reusit sa fie the worst of the best, insa s-a calificat la sub o zecime in spatele colegului sau, reusind chiar in antrenamentele libere sa il si intreaca pe Rosberg, astfel mai echilibrand parca balanta. Pe 5 s-a clasat Massa, tot la circa jumatate de zecime in fata lui Rosberg, cei trei fiind astfel separati de doar o zecime, iar pe 4 s-a calificat “ze champ” Button, cam la 2 zecimi in fata celor doi de la Mercedes si a lui Massa. Podiumul a fost acaparat de cei doi de la Red Bull, Vettel reusind astfel al 2-lea pole position in acest an si suflandu-i prima pozitie eroului local Webber, iar pe 3 s-a clasat Alonso. Primi trei au fost cronometrati intr-un interval de 2 zecimi, insa parca au fost in alta cursa fata de restul, distanta dintre Alonso (pozitia a 3-a) si Button (pozitia a 4-a) fiind ceva mai mare de jumatate de secunda. Astfel, daca Webber si-a urmat foarte aproape colegul iar Schumi a facut la fel, obtinand astfel un rezultat destul de bun as zice, avand in vedere ca Mercedes a fost cam la o secunda in spatele Red Bull, ceea ce e inca un mare handicap, intre Alonso si Massa au fost peste 7 zecimi de secunda, ceea ce ne face sa credem ca Ferrari e aproape la fel de rapida ca Red Bull sau poate ceva mai inceata, cam ca un Mercedes. Depinde doar de care dintre limbile iberice o vorbeste pilotul… Mai multe detalii despre calificari gasiti aici si aici.

Pole Australia 2010

So, that being said, ne auzim dupa cursa de maine (ora 9, ora Romaniei… careful for the daylight savings :P).

Dem Niggas Is Dirty!

March 26, 2010 By: WeeGee Category: Fun, Politica, Prostii

Don’t you just miss this guy? 😆

Bulgaria – Romania : 1 – 0

March 26, 2010 By: WeeGee Category: Fun, Life

Al lor nu e idiot… Da’ nu-i nimic, ca al nostu ne reprezinta… si e mai aratos (atat cat ma pricep eu la barbati…) si, vorba aia, “people react to: 70% how you look, 20% how you sound and only 10% what you actually say”.

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Hai romaniaaa…

Forever’s Not So Long

March 25, 2010 By: WeeGee Category: Film, Life, Love

More details here.