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Just Monte Carlo…

May 31, 2012 By: WeeGee Category: Cars, Sport

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Melodia saptamanii (171)

May 30, 2012 By: WeeGee Category: Melodia Saptamanii, Muzica

Brilliant songs… Enjoy…

The Quitting Game

May 24, 2012 By: WeeGee Category: Life, Personale

Duminica am vazut MotoGP… Mai mult, l-am vazut pe Rossi mergand decent dupa una an, ca sa nu zic dupa vreo 2-3 chiar, ceea ce inseamna ca a mers dumnezeieste pentru ce trotineta are la dispozitie, iar rivalii lui au cam toti cu 5-10 ani mai putini. A mers dumnezeieste si pentru cineva care si-a omorat, involuntar, cel mai bun prieten dintre toti “colegii” de meserie, asta poate si pentru ca, desi e un campion desavarsit si un mare suflet si caracter, din interviurile vesele pe care le da de obicei dar si din tristetea fada de anul trecut, pare sa aiba inteligenta emotionala a unei moluste… Insa locul doi al lui Rossi a fost doar o raza de soare pentru bomba cazuta in zilele anterioare. Casey Stoner, campionul en-titre, campion si in 2007 si unul dintre cei mai talentati piloti ai momentului/ultimilor ani, si-a anuntat retragerea. La 26 de ani!… Rossi are 33 si a zis ca mai sta inca 2, desi nu a mai castigat o cursa din mezozoic (e frate cu Schumacher)… Nu si-a anuntat retragerea in toamna, la final de sezon, ci in luna mai… Nu i-a murit capra, nu il alearga fiscul, nu i s-au inecat corabiile… pur si simplu nu ii mai place ce face, nu ii mai place cum/ce a ajuns motociclismul… ce-i drept a ajuns un club select cu 3 constructori mari, cativa mai mici si niste echipe care fac figuratie si mai mult incurca lumea, prezente doar gratie noului regulament fara de care anul asta ar fi batut vantul pe grila… Nu l-a convins sa ramana nici dublarea salariului, a ramas suparat pe “tradatorii” de la Ducati, vrea sa petreaca mai mult timp cu nevasta si bebelul, s-a saturat, iar doua titluri si cateva zeci de victorii ii sunt de ajuns… Somehow I can understand him, desi retragerea lui din moto e echivalenta cu ipotetica retragere din fotbal a lui Messi la 25 de ani ai sai… it’s simply incredible.

Dupa un an si jumatate de colaborare si intelegere buna, de dezvoltare profesionala si personala… I will have a new manager starting June… Nu e dat afara un frecator de menta, nu pleaca vreun coleg “salahor” de pe tehnic sau asa ceva, nu… my boss is leaving. Deja m-am impacat cu ideea, desi inca ma (ne) mai simt(im) ca un organism fara cap… In his case I don’t know the reasons. Le-o avea el, mai mult sau mai putin intemeiate, he should know better. He has grown (with) the firm for the last 2 years and has been around the same people for more than 5… yet somehow all this wasn’t enough… or maybe it was too much. I hope he wants or has found something better, he’s a smart and great guy and deserves it. I don’t think he leaves in sorrow, although I think he was fed up with some stuff and dependencies on some partners, maybe. Or maybe he just wants some time out… I (and those “left behind”) will do alright under the new management. Basically things will go the same way, which is all well, but somehow I know they won’t be the same… luckily I can adapt pretty well and, in the end, if or when the shit hits the fan, maybe it will be my time to leave… but that moment is still pretty far away. But I don’t like “breakups”… I don’t like big changes, and this is quite an important one.

Mi-am cumparat Diablo III de o saptamana deja, l-am asteptat cu o oarecare nerabdare, am dat o caruta de bani pe el, am umblat 5 km prin ploaie ca sa mi-l iau retail, e super si cu toate astea… am un erou de nivelul 6 dupa maximum 2 ore de joc cumulate… and I can’t properly explain it to myself… somehow games nowadays don’t seem that appealing and entertaining anymore… Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I’m getting old…er…

I’m not that sure anymore about her either… I mean I am. I think it… I know it… But somehow, these days, I don’t FEEL it… but I know the feeling will come back eventually… it’s my ray of hope…

Melodia saptamanii (170)

May 23, 2012 By: WeeGee Category: Melodia Saptamanii, Muzica

I got summer on my mind… a nice mix/cover that goes well in a car… I think. Enjoy!

Monster Video Clip

May 22, 2012 By: WeeGee Category: Moto, Sport

Cu ocazia cursei de MotoGP de la Le Mans, cei de la Monster Energy (Drink), sponsorul principal al cursei dar si sponsor al echipei Yahama Tech 3, Mercedes GP si Valentino Rossi (printre altii), au facut un montaj meserias…

PS: Given proper conditions (weather, bike), The Doctor can still kick ass!

Melodia saptamanii (169)

May 16, 2012 By: WeeGee Category: Melodia Saptamanii, Muzica

Inca una faina de la Grigore Casa… Enjoy!

One Man Army

May 15, 2012 By: WeeGee Category: Life, Sport

Cum dracu sa dai, frate, 72 de goluri intr-un sezon (si ar mai fi un meci de jucat…) ? E cam cat au dat Steaua si Otelul impreuna… God damn…

This Type Love

May 09, 2012 By: WeeGee Category: Love


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Melodia saptamanii (168)

May 09, 2012 By: WeeGee Category: Melodia Saptamanii, Muzica, Personale

Hollow and numb… getting halfhearted about the job and its prospects… getting “fullhearted” about my Estella… I feel bad and it’s… good. But there are no great expectations on the horizon… and the worst thing is that tomorrow I’ll be ok again… Just ok…


May 05, 2012 By: WeeGee Category: Film, Life

“I don’t smoke, I don’t drink… I recycle!”

Once in a while I stumble upon a good drama, and 50/50 is one of them, also having some funny moments here and there. It’s has some good acting – the “inceptor” Joseph Gordon-Levitt does a great job, Anna Kendrick does too, plus she is fuckin’ gorgeous and so does Seth Rogen who I don’t really like but somehow he is associated (acting/writing) with some good movies, so he knows his thing. The supporting actors do a fine job as well. It has a nice good, believable, real and raw story, well written and directed…

…and it has the deja vu (with its specific touches, of course). The shock, the denial, the acceptance. The people around who “gawk and lie about how you look” and are more annoying than supportive, the desperate and irrational parents. The puking, the fatigue, the pain, the physical and emotional changes. The sympathy, the empathy, the nervous breakdowns, the depression, the coping. The good jokes, the bad jokes, the morons who react as if it’s leper, the ones who care but don’t really know how to show it, the ones that don’t and betray, the ones that are fucked just like you… the ones who make it and the ones who don’t…

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