Top Gear Season 18 Christmas Special

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Top Gear revine pe 28 decembrie cu un Christmas Special in India.

Yes, it’s officially official: Top Gear is back for Christmas, and we’re heading to India. Not only that, we’re on for a whopping 90 minutes – tune in on BBC2 at 8pm on 28 December. And now over to big boss Andy Wilman for a few words on what you can expect…

The backbone of the Top Gear specials has always been the toughness of the challenge, from the frozen North Pole to the desolate salt pans of Botswana to the jungles and mountains of South America. But, this year, we’ve taken on our biggest challenge of all: sorting out the British economy.

Let me explain. A few months ago, Mr Cameron said our nation must become a favoured trading partner of India: currently, we do more business with Ireland than with this country of 1.2 billion people. Top Gear, we thought, could help solve this problem with a trade mission, flying the flag for UKPLC. Our plan was to drive across India, drumming up interest in British goods, advertising the peerless standards of British skills, British nous, British Britishness. We would make the Indians think: “No, we shall not buy mayonnaise from Belgium, but Angel Delight and Kendal Mint Cake from the British.”

Usually, on Top Gear challenges, we give ourselves a pitiful budget of a couple of hundred quid for each car. But, this time, Britain’s reputation was at stake. We couldn’t be seen sitting in a puddle of engine oil by the side of the road. You don’t see Prince Andrew cracking out the spanners on his foreign visits.

So we thought we’d spend a bit more and buy three cars that represented the best of British. With their budget of seven grand each, Jeremy and Richard excelled themselves, Jezza picking up a 1995 Jaguar XJS 4.0-litre – the Celebration edition, no less – and Richard buying a tidy Mini Cooper.

But James, in his OCD idiocy, decided he wanted a Rolls-Royce. Unfortunately, the only Rolls-Royce you can buy for seven grand is a 1976 Silver Shadow…

The success of our mission lies not only in how the cars coped, but also whether Britain’s balance-of-trade deficit is rectified. We’re not being unrealistic: we know it won’t happen immediately, but if Britain’s trade with India reaches an even keel by, say, Easter, we’ll be happy. And maybe, just maybe, the knock-on effect will be that other car shows from around Europe will also visit India, and then the economy of the entire Eurozone will pick up, too, and then China will be forced to cut its prices as the global balance of trade shifts, and, before we know it, the world’s economy will be restored. We set out with a modest ambition – to help Britain’s balance-of-trade deficit – but this TG special could have truly global repercussions. If it does, we don’t want any plaudits. Just watching the show will be thanks enough.

For much more from Andy on the India special, plus loads more exclusive pictures, pick up our huge new edition of Top Gear magazine complete with 2012 Top Gear calendar. It’s in all good shops from December 1 as seen below…

Clarkson India


Melodia saptamanii (145)

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Those two are darn good! This song doesn’t have lyrics… because Metallica thought it doesn’t need any. Enjoy!

House MD Season 8 Episode 8 – “Perils of Paranoia”

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Dr. House, sezonul 8 episodul 8. Click pe poza pt download & enjoy!


Un an

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On this very day… God knows I’ve postponed it for as long as I could… 😆

Un an

Forever Alone

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As Boston said – “More than a feeling”. Yep, it’s a fact.

Forever alone

Forever alone

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No Choice in the Land of Choice

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Antena 3 flashback. Tot pe site-ul cu pricina, aflam si avantajele saraciei (click on pic).

Low Fat

Nimic din articol nu arata insa cum s-a ajuns aici, ci doar ca e “de bine”. Which it is. Too bad it’s not by choice…

Sebastian Vettel Does a Quickie

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No I don’t mean that kind of quickie… I mean he broke the number-of-pole-positions-in-a-season record. Nigel Mansell had it since 1992, when he had 14 poles in 16 races. Vettel has 15 poles now (albeit in 19 races, so he has a lower percentage). He now has 30 poles and 21 wins overall (maybe 22 tomorrow), being part of that quick F1 champions breed, like Hamilton or Senna, who won (far) less races than they had poles, unlike Schumacher or Alonso which don’t really have a particular fast pace over a single lap (well, in comparison with the others I mean) but have really good race craft and (long term) consistency. A bit of luck and a lot of having-a-good-car situation come into play also. Find more about this by clicking the picture.

Vettel Brazil 2011

Stelele verzi chinezesti

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Antena 3 ne zice intr-un articol ca… well, ce se vede mai jos.

Star Signs

Noroc ca nu traiesc acolo, ca altfel o puneam de somaj… sau ceva. Sau eram inca un amarat, reprezentand cam 0.0000001% din muritorii de foame din China. Le multumesc totusi pentru caracterizarea “personalitate puternica” dar vreau sa le zic ca starea mea e foarte stabila. Mai ales cand simt ca cineva ma enerveaza si imi vine sa ii dau cu ciocanul peste dinti de vreo… 50 de ori. Din pacate data nasterii fecioarelor si scorpionilor nu e ceva ce poate decide un copil ci, mai degraba, tind sa cred ca, fiind “proiectati” iarna, parintii nu aveau cu ce sa se incalzeasca, asa ca s-au incazit unul cu celalalt. Tin totusi sa mentionez, in eventualitatea in care voi ajunge sa apelez la “societatea chineza care organizeaza cursuri de limbă engleza” (sansele sunt undeva tot pe la 0.0000001%), ca pentru ei eu nu sunt scorpion, ci caine, atat dupa an cat si dupa luna/saptamana, dracu stie dupa zi si sobolan dupa ora. Ceea ce ma face extrem de loial si inteligent :D, dar daca ma supara careva, il rod pana nu mai ramane nimic. In plus, pierderea e tot a lor intrucat in afara de Oxford si pe acolo, m-as descurca onorabil sa dau lectii de engleza. English, not Engrish, get it?

Leonard: So, tell us about you.
Penny: Um, me? Okay – I’m a Sagittarius, which probably tells you way more than you need to know.
Sheldon: Yes – it tells us that you participate in the mass cultural delusion that the sun’s apparent position relative to arbitrarily defined constellations at the time of your birth somehow affects your personality.

It’s Freakin’ Obsessing Me

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This song…

O macheta de milioane

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3.5 milioane mai exact… dar rezultatul e pe masura!