Melodia saptamanii (160)

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I love this song, it’s one of my favorites from Pink Floyd. And I really like this cover… and Sinead O’Connor, too. When I was a kid I grew up with “Nothing Compares 2 U”, among other songs. She also stood out for being “the bald female singer”, something unusual for little me at the time and, generally, for a country that just got out of the communist hole. Later on, I got my fair share of (seeing) bald women, and then some, but that’s a different story. But I mostly like her voice and tone… and I love the way she feels and lives through this song.

The lyrics are great and, although they are kind of gender specific, being like a dialogue between a boy and his mother, it can all be applied in general to children and parents. And the fact of the matter is all parents fail. Those who try to be perfect fail because they can’t be, no one can. No parent is great, let alone perfect. The good parents are overprotective, worry a lot and can be harsh sometimes, even if that can mean annoying and/or unfair. The shitty parents don’t even try to be good and they just don’t care… I’m not counting here the sick, twisted animals who drink, beat and molest… Unfortunately for this species, the latter have many more children than the former…


Top Gear Season 18 Episode 7

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All good things come to an end…
A venit si momentul ultimului episod (7) din acest sezon. Click pe Slash pt download and enjoy!

Top Gear

PS: Download alternativ aici.

Dupa un an…

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Japan after 1 year

It’s the small details in the before-and-after photographs from tsunami-hit Fukushima Prefecture in northeastern Japan that are the most telling. A year later, there’s not one power pole, wall-mounted gas meter or roadside curb that hasn’t been meticulously attended to.

Almost as if a giant hand cleared the twisted debris, straightened the paving and fixed the bent and broken pipes, what remains in the worst-hit areas are well-manicured expanses of nothingness.

Where industrious fishing towns once stood are empty streetscapes that resemble vast car parks. In some places, just the foundations — also looking swept and groomed — are the only things left to tell the story of the worst post-war catastrophe to hit Japan.

Before and after.

Desigur, lucrurile nu sunt exact la fel ca inainte de dezastru… nici nu au cum si nici nu vor mai fi vreodata. But they once again rose from the ashes (or more like from under the ocean this time), showing that they truly are a nation to admire and learn a lot from.

Epic Soundtrack – Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

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I mean the engine noise, not the bullshit music…

O Lavazza de dimineata…

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Melodia saptamanii (159)

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A great violin, a really nice combination of genres and styles and some impressive landscapes… Enjoy!

How Not to Correct an Oversteer

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Stupid retard…

Top Gear Season 18 Episode 6

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Top gear, episodul 6 din sezonul 18. Click pe Clarkson-ul interbelic pt download and enjoy!

Top Gear

Link alternativ AICI.

Two Weeks Left

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Mai sunt doua saptamani si incepe Formula 1. Parca ieri era cursa din Brazilia… boy, time does fly. Printre testele de la Jerez si Barcelona, Sky Sports, singurul broadcaster de prin partea asta de lume care va difuza F1 intr-un mod complet, complex si profesionist (sau asa se vrea macar), a scos si un promo… sau ceva. Pot spune deja ca sunt sub BBC la ce inseamna editare video, imaginatie, idei, regie, montaj, the lot. Si nu cred ca BBC ar fi ales pentru un promo o melodie potrivita mai degraba in Braveheart sau LotR… In plus, prezentatorul din teste ma calca pe nervi, but I’m willing to give him some rope… hopefully he won’t hang me with it. Partea buna e ca la boxe era Ted Kravitz si stiu sigur ca Brundle a semnat cu ei, posibil si altii.
I already miss The Chain… Meh… Anyway, here’s the thingy:

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PS: Prezentatorul e Craig Slater si se ocupa mai ales de box pe Sky… imi plac mie mult astia buni la toate, imi aduce aminte de omul din societatea multilateral dezvoltata. E bine totusi ca nu face parte din echipa mare de la cursele propriu zise.
PS2: Pe langa Brundle si Kravitz, de la BBC a mai venit… nimeni. Pe langa cei doi, echipa e formata din Anthony Davidson, care mai stie cum e sa conduci o masina, unul de care nu am auzit dar care e “hugely popular”, un tip… blond si doua doamne/domnisoare care ne vor face analiza armonicelor Fourier ale motorului V8. Sau care arata bine. Una din astea doua, cred.

Melodia saptamanii (158)

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De mult nu am mai ascultat o melodie in draci aproape toata saptamana, ca sa merite cu adevarat sa faca parte din categoria asta. This is a really nice catchy song, although pretty sad, and a really nice video – un fel de Gotye’s “Heart’s a Mess” + Skyrim = Love :lol:. Enjoy!