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Japan after 1 year

It’s the small details in the before-and-after photographs from tsunami-hit Fukushima Prefecture in northeastern Japan that are the most telling. A year later, there’s not one power pole, wall-mounted gas meter or roadside curb that hasn’t been meticulously attended to.

Almost as if a giant hand cleared the twisted debris, straightened the paving and fixed the bent and broken pipes, what remains in the worst-hit areas are well-manicured expanses of nothingness.

Where industrious fishing towns once stood are empty streetscapes that resemble vast car parks. In some places, just the foundations — also looking swept and groomed — are the only things left to tell the story of the worst post-war catastrophe to hit Japan.

Before and after.

Desigur, lucrurile nu sunt exact la fel ca inainte de dezastru… nici nu au cum si nici nu vor mai fi vreodata. But they once again rose from the ashes (or more like from under the ocean this time), showing that they truly are a nation to admire and learn a lot from.

Earth Amazing Sights

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GoPro HD Hero2

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This camera will go really well with a sporty car… yum yum…

Going Up, Falling Down

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Great stuff this one. Enjoy!

Hellgate: Guatemala

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It seems that the recent storms in Guatemala (City) made the earth crumble… in huge style… More here.


This is not the first time it happened…

Cliff Trampoline

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Some bored skiers in Whistler in the summer…

The Unpronounceable

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30 Years of B.A.D. Pictures

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Give Earth a Hand

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Iceland of Fire

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Un cosulet de pe fata pubertina a Pamantului s-a scuturat de niste lava si cenusa, iar acum cam tot ce inseamna trafic aerian in Europa este paralizat… Dar sa nu uitati sa stingeti luminile de ziua pamantului! Salvati planeta!