Scurtissime (4)

July 14, 2009 By: WeeGee Category: Scurtissime

“If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium”. Or, on this particular day, France. Anyway, “Scurtissime” is back:

Can you profile?: va pricepeti la oameni? cum stati cu prejudecatile? Pick the Perp.

When bullets colide: I guess this cand happen when they fly all over the place.

Do you want a (huge) cookie?: spectacular and enormous wedding cakes, here.

Gadget-ul lu’ peste: trendy and all that shit, numai bun de expus pe mesele cafenelelor de pe Dorobanti; don’t worry, it’s actually a commercial and in fact promoting tourism and not some wonder-device, dar arata foarte bine.

Dangerous bridges: mai degraba pasarele sau… chestii suspendate, aici; but they are scary and spectacular anyway; more links in comments.

Autoritatea politistului… la ei: politistul e dumnezeu in state; ce cuminti sunt astia doi cand apare organu’ :D; la noi… la noi is doar prosti… si favorizeaza crima (de orice fel), in loc sa o impiedice.

Some people should get a life: Wall-E Case Mod – scroll down (it’s a looong scroll); what an awesome and some… pretty fucked up computer case this is!

I am old: apparently I am… or at least allowed to feel that way.

Geeky tattoos: me likey :D.

Retarded religion, chapter 1 billion: Church Signs That Won’t Make You Go To Church.

Cristi Borcea s-a reprofilat: e specialist IT acum; cat despre unicul si mirificul cetatean mioritic din Valea Boului (ce nume predestinat!), gasiti mai multe aici.

Funny pics: last but not least, here.