Hamilton’s Incident

March 29, 2010 By: WeeGee Category: Life, Media, Prostii, Sport

“Marea smecherie” (de care ziceam si aici) pe care a facut-o Lewis Hamilton vineri seara a aparut si pe net (actually after it happened). Acum… eu inteleg ca intr-o democratie sanatoasa nimeni nu ar trebuie sa fie mai presus de lege (ceea ce s-a si intamplat in cazul de fata), but really now? Impounding a car (a C 63 AMG even) for burnouts? Aren’t there like… some other bigger crimes to solve or investigate? Aveam o parerea mai buna despre Australia si nu credeam ca si ei sunt/au devenit un stat politienesc


The (Not) Handshake

February 28, 2010 By: WeeGee Category: Life, Media

Wayne Bridge refuses to shake hands with John “I Fucked Your Girl” Terry.

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