Scurtissime (5)

March 20, 2010 By: WeeGee Category: Scurtissime

The MegaPenny Project: Cat cantareste un penny (cent american)? Dar cati penny incap intr-un metru cub, si cat cantaresc acestia? Dar intr-un volum de dimensiunea (lui) Empire State Building? Cati penny sunt in circulatie? Raspunsurile la toate aceste intrebari si multe alte curiozitati legate de pennies le gasiti aici.

What The World Eats: Cam ce (si cat) mananca diverse familii de pe glob intr-o saptamana, precum si costul acestor alimente. O varietate de oameni, culturi, mancaruri, dar si posibilitati si preturi aici.

Dragon Hunters – The Game: O prezentare in flash a jocului “Dragon Hunters” cu diverse detalii despre acesta. It looks AWESOME and it’s here. (By the looks of it, din screenshots, cred ca au muncit mai mult la pagina decat la joc…).

Record Setters: Diverse recorduri si detinatorii lor, in poze, de la Boston Bigpicture.

Lightning Bolt

August 17, 2009 By: WeeGee Category: Life, Sport

OMG! OMG… OMG! Usain Bolt made history this evening in the 100m men’s final in Berlin. The black lightning Bolt stopped the official clock at an amazing 9.58 seconds! Just like in Beijing an year ago, he mullered the competition, but this time he did it .11 of a second faster. This is simply amazing, I never thought that I’d see the day when someone would get close to 9 and a half seconds in the 100m men’s sprint. But that’s what I thought about the 9.80 mark also, and, at some point, Maurice Greene proved me it CAN be done, about 10 years ago. Now I think Bolt can do it, he can crack the 9.5 seconds barrier. With a bit more training, a good wind (but still “legal”, under 2 m/s) and on a good (best) day, I think he can do it. And I also think that nobody will beat his time (except for himself) in… at least 10 years from now, when some kind of… superhuman will be able to run faster, in some super running shoes and on a super track, maybe :). Hopefully not full of some super enhancing chemicals. Until then, Bolt will remain the king of the running track. And he still has a lot to say in this sport and discipline (and in the 200m also), he’s not even 23 yet!

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